The hot springs of Aidipsos, in northern Evia, have been accommodating famous guests since antiquity. Prepare for one-of-a-kind relaxation in one of Greece’s premier holistic spa resort towns.

The thermal baths at Aidipsos have been attracting iconi visitors for millennia. Emperors like Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius and Constantine the Great came to this small city in northern Evia to be healed by its waters. Aristotle himself tried to unlock the secret of the therapeutic powers of the mineral-rich waters of Edipsos. 

More recent celebrities who took long soaks in its restorative pools include the likes of Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, Greta Garbo and Omar Sharif. Not to mention countless Greek politicians, shipping magnates, industrialists and artists. So why not take a dip yourself? You certainly don’t have to be a VIP to enjoy Aidipsos springs’ timeless benefits.

What to do in Aidipsos

Say goodbye to stress in the thermal baths 

Aidipsos is a place where you’ll say goodbye to stress. Your mental clarity will be restored in this beautiful part of Evia and you’ll leave with a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eye. This holistic spa contains more than 80 springs of varying temperatures in a location where vegetation grows right down to the sea. At its several public and private hydrotherapy centres, and in the pools of Aidipsos’ hotels, many have found relief from chronic ailments. You can choose seawater or mineral water, mud baths, massages or simply bathe in the sea at spots where the springs pour into it.

Enjoy luxury in style in Aidipsos’ first hotel 

You’ll feel pampered the moment you step into the spas of Aidipsos’ first spa hotel (at least its first in modern times), the Thermae Sylla Wellness Hotel. The magnificent listed building is from 1896 and it has been ranked among the world’s ten best wellness centres by Conde Nast Traveler.

Soak up the myths associated with Edipsos

The therapeutic properties of the waters of Aidipsos were a source of inspiration for mythology. An ancient Greek myth has it that the goddess Athena asked her brother Hephaestus to create the Aidipsos Springs so that her favoured hero Hercules could rest here after each of his tasks. It is also said that the goddess Hera advised Deucalion and Pyrrha to shower in the warm waters in order to produce plentiful and healthy children. Soon after, Pyrrha gave birth to Hellen, the mythological progenitor of the Hellenes.

Hidden gems of Edipsos, Greece

Belle Epoque architecture

A leisurely stroll along the waterfront at Aidipsos will transport you to the turn of the last century. Imposing period architecture is all around you. (All that’s missing are the long dresses and top hats of yesteryear.) And that deep red building, the old Agioi Anargyri Hydrotherapy Centre in the heart of town, is a work of Ernst Ziller, Greece’s 19th-century celebrity architect. 

You can also inspect the baths and caves of the Roman general Sulla, located behind the National Tourist Organisation’s hydrotherapy facilities. And then amble out onto the boardwalk of the Kyma hotel for a magical view of the sunset over the gulf.

Outdoor activities

There are other water-related activities to enjoy, like scuba diving from the Aidipsos Diving Centre and fishing, but you can also go hiking and mountain biking.